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We also offer mastering of your recordings. The basic idea of mastering is that many musicians today have indeed the ability to record music at home on the PC, but you might want to let some other people look again on the mix to get the best possible result in the end.

Maybe a production sounds dull, scratchy, or you just want to have it more elaborated in the overall sound. Or the recordings sound great on CD or MP3 as well, but are not to ready for vinyl. Whether it be sound reasons, or it is for plain and simple physical reasons concerning vinyl (phase correlations in the lower frequencies, higher frequencies are too loud ...). It would be a pity if after all your efforts the result is not satisfactory... Of course you should always mix in advance so that you are reasonably satisfied already. Then when you think there might be something else optimized, one can indeed think about a mastering of the recordings.

You will of course also get a CD or/and the wavs of the mastering that you can then listen to carefully. Then you can give us feedback, whether it all fits for you.

You can also have a free testmaster of one song. In this case, all 30 seconds you will hear the mastered and the original version in order to show you the difference.

Prices for mastering on request.


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